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Dr. Hilal Selamet
Dr. Hilal Selamet
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Dr. Hilal Selamet

Dr. Hilal Selamet?

Holistic Approach in Your Treatments

For dental implant treatment, I can apply all necessary procedures with technological and scientific infrastructure by approaching gingival diseases, oral surgeries, dental implant applications and implant supported prosthesis treatments, which are seperate sub-disciplines of dentistry.

I’m Aware of Your Concerns

While it is already difficult to apply to a clinic for dental treatments and to carry out the treatments carefree, I know it is even more difficult to apply to a clinic abroad that you do not know. I am aware of your concerns and it is my greatest principle to be with you safely throughout your entire treatment process.

Hotel Accomodation and Airport Transfers

During your stay in our country, I am with you not only in your dental treatment process, but also in your hotel accommodation and airport transfers.

Follow Up!

Good treatment in dentistry is only one of the important factors. The most important thing is that our treatment can meet your needs for many years. For this reason, I always check my patients every year and inform them about what needs to be done.

Dr. Hilal Selamet

What Am I Doing?

3D Dental Tomography

Examining your jawbone and teeth to the smallest detail by taking 3D dental tomography.

Gingival Treatment

Dental calculus cleaning, curettage, flap operations and gingival recession treatment.

Gingival Aesthetic

Completion of aesthetic smile designs with gingivectomy or crown lengthening operations.

Dental Implant Applications

Complementing missing teeth with dental implants.

All-on-Four & All-on- Six

Fast results with up-to-date implant treatment concepts.

Fast And Fixed Treatment Protocol

It is possible to regain your teeth on the day your implants are applied.

Oral Surgery

Wisdom teeth extractions, cyst operations.

And more…

I am with you in all treatment areas of dentistry.

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Dr. Hilal Selamet

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